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Perfume manufacturer

Manufacturer of perfumes for third parties

Manufacturer of perfumes and colognes with a wide variety of aromas and formulations.

A benchmark in white label projects.

Our laboratory and factory provide a development, manufacturing, packaging, “full service” or “turnkey” service for perfumery projects with different sizes and quantities: small, medium and large productions.

We collaborate with the best perfumers and we have a specific team to attend to this type of project.

Fabricante de Perfumes y Colonias

Realized perfumes

We accompany your perfume, towards success!

We have an experienced team in highly selective perfumery.
Experts in fragrances, aromas, essences suppliers
and many packaging options.
Our machinery allows us to adapt to small and medium productions of perfumes and colonies.

Recommendations from our CEO:

  • Bet on a team of people, with whom you empathize and feel comfortable in whom to trust.
  • Bet on a laboratory and factory, which already commercialize their own products. It will give you a lot of security.
  • Evaluate the possibility of making your cosmetic project scalable.
  • It is committed to a laboratory with a clear focus on R + D + i, which also considers current trends: vegan cosmetics, sustainable cosmetics and natural cosmetics.
  • The manufacturer must be certified at least in: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 (Environment), ISO 22716 (GMP) and will offer to visit their facilities (laboratory and factory).
  • It is highly recommended that the laboratory have its own “regulatory” area for internationalization, since in the event of possible exports, certain experience will be needed for you to be able to market your cosmetics outside the European Union.
Jose Luis - CEO Valquer Laboratorios

Perfumery packaging

What we offer?

We offer different services and forms of collaboration from "full service" or "turnkey" to more specific research, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, commercial consulting, design and marketing.

10 steps to your own perfume

We take care of your cosmetic project, as if it were ours. Therefore, we apply the same quality systems and procedures as in our usual cosmetics. 10 steps for your own brand project to be a success:



We receive your request through our contact form.


Technical-commercial meeting:

Our specialized team will communicate with you, gathering detailed information about the perfumery project. The feasibility of the same is studied.


Feasibility and offer I:

If the project is viable, the budget for the development of the perfume is shared, based on the initial requirements.


Specific R&D:

Our team will develop olfactory different perfumes, relying on the best international perfumers. Samples are then sent for approval. Once the fragrances have been validated, work is done on the packaging options.


Offer validation II:

The offer II for the production of the final perfume (essence + container) is sent. Once validated, internal codes are opened and the creative process (design and texts) begins.


Creativity Validation:

The client confirms that the designs and texts are correct, so the materials are collected.


Materials reception:

All materials are received at our facilities and are reviewed and approved by Quality, before going to production.



The essence is macerated, and the perfume is packed in authorized facilities.



Exhaustive quality controls (tightness, physical, leaks, etc.) are carried out before the batch is released.


CPNP registration and commercialization:

The perfume is registered on the European portal and is ready for sale.

Private Label

We manufacture your brand of:

Request your budget